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Have your party at Enzo!

    So, you’re thinking of having a party hey? Good on you! Life’s too darn short not to! It’s your friend’s birthday; it’s your birthday; it’s your long lost Aunt visiting from Australia! Whatever the occasion – your house is definitely too small for it, plus you haven’t got the energy or the inclination to rustle up a feast fit for your amazing friends…You can see where I’m going with this cant you?

    Firstly – good work for thinking of Enzo – you’re a smart thinker. We can offer you a great little space, waiters at your beck and call, and food and drink to keep everyone smiling all night long. What’s the catch? Well, it isn’t free as that wouldn’t be the best business idea we’ve ever had – but the great news is – it really isn’t expensive when you weigh everything up. Yeah yeah we would say that wouldn’t we? Yes we would, because it’s the truth…read on and see for yourself.

    You get all this:

    A free consultation with someone who is fully trained in party planning at Enzo – we like you to speak with someone who knows their onions. This is the bit where we check available dates and talk you through the evening from start to finish so you are confident that we have some idea of what we’re doing. This is the time where you can ask us a thousand questions – don’t be shy! We love getting things right and exactly how you want them.

    The room is yours from 7pm until 11:30pm; we politely ask that your party has dispersed the building by midnight, as this is the time all our staff turn into pumpkins and can no longer function. We completely understand that a lot of booze will have been consumed and you’re eyeing the place up as your bed for the night, alas we apologise but we draw the line at that and instead will charge you £50 for every half hour that we are struggling to get rid of you.

    We will dress up the room a bit with tea lights and fiddle about with the furniture to make things look more sociable for mingling around purposes. If this isn’t enough titivation for you, you are very welcome to bring in your own decorations and make the place look more party like; banners and balloons – all fine, we are pretty easy going with almost anything – just please walk straight past that confetti stuff in the shop unless you want us to charge you for 100 hours cleaning up fees, and please leave the blu tac at home ☺

    Ok ok I’m getting to the food; you get this lot:

    A large platter of cured Italian meats, more platters of cheeses; these are accompanied with freshly sliced ciabatta loaves, olives and a selection of our delicious flat breads. We scatter these around the room, on plates obviously, for your guests to enjoy whilst having a fantastically fun time.

    Then later on, when people start asking, “hey where’s the food?” we immediately march out with more pizzas than you can shake a stick at (15 of them to be precise) and keep marching them about until everyone is clutching their stomachs and lying down groaning with pizza sweats.

    Music wise, I’m afraid we can’t sing to you; but we do have spotify and some speakers. This does the job for most musical tastes. Want to bring an Elvis tribute act in? No worries, we love it when we get special entertainers in. Just let us know about this so we can make some room.

    Dietary stuff: Half your guests are veggie? Good! We typically make a 50/50 split of meat and veggie food, but have done all veggie even vegan buffets before; these are things we chat about in the original meeting. We can also do some gluten free pizza – again – let us know about this beforehand as opposed to after hand when we can’t do anything about it.

    Pud wise: how does a tower of our bite sized brownies sound? Yes, it sounds pretty good. We can do one of these for a mere £30*. Imagine how many more friends you’ll get if you add that to the menu?! We can also whip up some other treats like tiramisu if you like. Our talents are endless.

    Drinks wise: we have a fully stocked bar at all times. We offer all the usual suspects but if you decide that you and your guests only want to drink prosecco for the entire night, firstly, don’t be so boring! Secondly, we’re only joking, we can organise this. We can also do you a deal on a case of the stuff. Just let us know.

    So that’s what we’ll do for you – now it’s your turn; here’s what we need from you:

    Rally together 50 guests to join in the fun. Remember that; as much as you think everyone loves you; some won’t turn up, so invite a few more just in case. You don’t want an empty room you do?! If you can’t get 30 people together then, we aren’t coming either – I’m afraid 30 guests is the minimum requirement.

    • If you are coming in to decorate before it all kicks off – you will be denied access until precisely 6:30pm – we know you’re desperate to get cracking, but we have our stuff to do too, like set the whole thing up.

    Pay £50 to secure the date. Until this is paid, we can give the date to someone else. This will be taken off the balance which needs to be settled before the night. Deposits are non-refundable.

    So. Let’s get to the figures. You can have the room, the waiting staff, the food and a cracking party, for just £495. Simple maths: if each person is paying for themselves and you have scraped together 50 people, this means it’s just £9 each!! See, told you! You don’t get food this good and a place to yourselves for this price anywhere. Hang on; we should probably increase the price. Ok we will, but only after you book your party. In the event that a large percentage of your guests fail to turn up and you find yourself with less than our minimum requirement, don’t panic! – it’s not ideal but we won’t close the party down! We do however need to meet a minimum spend of £300 for the evening to cover our basic costs, so if the bar tab hasn’t reached this amount; there will be an excess to pay on the night – all the more reason to make sure everyone turns up!

    Finally, we want you all to have the best party you’ve ever had at Enzo. This is your night and we will do our very best to make sure everything goes smoothly for you. Don’t hang about, just get it booked.

    You can Email: Give us a call: 01270 618093 or pop in to see us at Enzo.