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When we began we made a commitment. Everything had to be made by our talented team of people. We make our own pizza dough fresh every day; our own fresh pasta; our own sauces. They are all made in our kitchen. That way we know exactly what goes into every dish on our menu; to the gram.

There are no artificial flavours. No preservatives. Just 100% natural ingredients lovingly crafted in our unique way.

First and foremost we’re about the food. The food is our passion, but it’s not our only passion; we love coffee as well…..but not just any coffee; the high street is already awash with mediocre coffee and you most certainly don’t need another one. You need something special and that’s what we aim to deliver. Deep, dark, traditional Italian coffee made the modern way. Made with love and a bit of flair.

With coffee comes cake.

Our homage to Britain lies in our delicious cakes. Every cake is baked with love and passion. We only ever use free range eggs; it’s the right thing to do.

We couldn’t bring you any of this if it wasn’t for the great people at Enzo. They are our soul. They are what we are most proud of….we think they’re amazing.

We offer all day dining but with a modern vibe. A relaxed atmosphere is teamed with excellent service as our dedication to delivering “knock their socks off” service never wavers. At Enzo, we honour the connection with our Guests and seek to make every minute at Enzo a special one. It’s this winning combination that makes the Enzo Experience so unique…

…all of the above rolled up into a neat little package and served to you on the high street.

Welcome to Enzo.